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Zaterdag 30 oktober 2021 9:00 uur
Zondag 31 oktober 2021 17:00 uur
Jacqui Hoitingh

Formally known in Bowtech as the Master Class this work is especially used if you haven’t had a result with the Basics or Mod 9/10 work. It’s more focused and can help you get a result. There are many procedures and as they are not necessary on a daily basis you can forget about them or forget what they are used for. I would recommend you practice often. This really does give you far more tools in your toolbox to fine tune your results.

Deze modules worden gegeven in de Engelse taal.

 De module is KTNO geaccrediteerd. Zie https://ktno.nl/opleider/7845/scholing/bowtech-module-12

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