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Agenda 2023:

Fri/Sat 15 & 16 Dec | BowTech Modules 11 & 12 | docent Jacqui Hoithingh | www.bowentraining.nl

Module 11 is the first part of your Masters Course.

You will receive a new manual for this course. These procedures will "trouble shoot" problems that have not been resolved with previously know procedures and offer more option for you to consider.

The content of the SBP2 manual is a compilation of those extra moves and procedures that have not previously been documented.  As well as adding to the already considerable range of procedures at your disposal it will encourage you to enhance your observational and assessment skills enabling you to "pinoint" more accurately which procedure or individual moves to chose.

Pre- requisites for Module 11 are:

To have attained the SBP 1 Certificate at least 6 months prior to the SBP 2 course.

This course will have NVST & Gat 56 hours and 2.0 ECT 

Members applying for this course for the first time are required to send - a copy of their Advanced Certificate Mod 10-  with their application.

Procedures include:

  • Vagus Nerve
  • Extra Shoulder procedures
  • Extra Hamstring procedures ( esp for athletes)
  • Extra procedures for digestive issues
  • Colon
  • Seizures
  • Eye problems
  • Thumb
  • Prostate

And LOTS more

Agenda 2024:


Fri/Sat  22 & 23 Januari | Fascia 8-daagse​ | deel 1 | docent Jacqueline Maas | Prevenzis

Prevenzis geeft een 8-daagse nascholing (cursus) geaccrediteerd bij CPION. Je krijgt meer kennis over het neurofasciale systeem/myofasciale ketens van het menselijk lichaam en het invloed van fascia op het orgaanstelsel. Het lijkt een mooie toevoeging voor de Bowentherapeuten te zijn.

Praktische Informatie
  • Docent: Jacqueline Maas
  • Aantal deelnemers: 8 tot 14
  • Datum: 22-23 januari, 29 februari – 1 maart 2024 overige datums volgen
  • Tijd: 10.00 – 17.00 uur
  • Locatie: Haven West 9 te Ommen
  • Lunch: inclusief water/koffie/thee en verse soep tussen de middag. Je mag verder zelf jouw lunch verzorgen.
  • Bijdrage: € 1395,- in één keer of in maandelijkse termijnen. De eerste termijn bedraagt € 200,- bij inschrijving, daarna ontvangt u van juli 2023 tot en met januari 2024 een incasso van € 175,- per maand. De laatste incasso dient uiterlijk 9 januari 2024 te zijn voldaan.
  • Readers: de readers worden per dag uitgereikt.
  • Inschrijven: is mogelijk voor het eerste en tweede gedeelte afzonderlijk.

In deze 8-daagse bijscholing voor professionele therapeuten krijg je meer kennis over het neurofascialeFascia 8-daagse nascholing systeem/myofasciale ketens van het menselijk lichaam.
De fascia 8-daagse is onderverdeeld in twee delen. Het eerste gedeelte bevat twee lesdagen en het tweede gedeelte beslaat 6 dagen beide vallen onder het derde leerjaar. Het eerste onderdeel is geaccrediteerd door het CPION en geeft recht op 3 EC. Het tweede onderdeel is geaccrediteerd door het CPION en geeft recht op 11,5 EC.

Fri/Sat 9 &10 February | BowTech Module 9 & 10docent Jacqui Hoithingh | www.bowentraining.nl

This Advanced course comes in 2 parts, Module 9 is the first part, then you practice and implement these new ways of applying Bowen, with at least a gap of 6 months in between. This new method utilises Activations (which can stop that muscle spasm loop) & Simultaneous moves which create a burst of energy.
Module 10 is a repeat of the same training but with the addition of an open book test to make sure you have a good understanding of the work.

The module 10 is a Pre-Requisite to the Master Course (module 11 &12) and The Masters Class (Modules 11&12) is also in 2 parts as the Advanced where you will learn 20 plus NEW Procedures to better define your Bowen understanding and abilities.

Along with the advantage of upgrading your skills, following Module 9 & 10 you may apply to offer Introductory Days. If you are a suitable candidate, you will attend a day training so you can offer these Introductory Workshops and create another source of income. The people interested in learning Bowen pay you €100 each. They are offered this €100 from their Basic Course should they go ahead.

You will also have a Bowen treatment! When did you last have a nice session?  read more...

Fri/Sat 6 & 7 April | BowTech Module 8 docent Jacqui Hoithingh | www.bowentraining.nl

Please don’t think this is just a revision, this is refinement, a chance to upgrade your skills and you have many NEW additional procedures. (see below)
Refine your Basic work, this is money well spent as your clients benefit from your more precise moves. This may bring better testimonials, more referrals and more money.
No matter how many years ago you qualified, in fact without refinement the longer ago this may mean you have been creating your own placement of moves. A refresher is always valuable.
This module 8 is a Pre-Requisite to the formerly known Advanced (module 9&10) and The Masters Class (Modules 11&12) Where you will learn 30 plus NEW Procedures to better define your Bowen understanding and abilities.
Along with the advantage of upgrading your skills, following Module 8 you may apply to offer Introductory Days as a Bowen Ambassador, read more...

Fri/Sat  17 & 18 May | Workshop Intuition  and Revision | docent Jacqui Hoithingh| www.bowentraining.nl

Would you like more Confidence in your Bowen Basic Work as well as to learn to tune into your client Intuitively? Know which procedure would benefit them the most.

This workshop will help you work with your clients in any modality.

Over the two days we will revise the most useful Basic Bowen procedures bringing you more Confidence and Precision. You will also learn more tools to help you Intuitively and can be used in all areas of your life.

What we will cover:

* Working with Intention & Focus, tune into the client

* Daily practice to help you clear your own energy, which helps you help the client.

* Meditations

* Basic Bowtech work Revision

* Working with Kinesiology

* Pendulum Work

* How to know if it's Intuition and not your ego

* Pelvic Procedure - The Foundations

* TMJ- Vagus nerve connection and add move 3 elbow/wrist

* Coccyx  - Safety

and nominated procedures time permitting.

You will go home feeling your have more accurate moves as well as learning some wonderful tools to last your lifetime, should you use them frequently.

16 hours - Cost €325,-

Er zijn nog geen scholingen!

Reviews Art of Bodywork workshop oktober 2022

“De cursus AoB is een zeer goede en interessante cursus met heel veel briljante, subtiele en effectieve technieken. Het effect is meteen voelbaar voor patiënt en therapeut en ook meetbaar voor therapeut en patiënt. De docenten zijn zeer ervaren therapeuten die hun meest succesvolle en effectieve tools op een heldere en duidelijke manier weten over te brengen zodat ze eenvoudig te leren zijn en direct toepasbaar zijn in de praktijk. Als fysiotherapeut ben ik nog steeds verbaasd dat ik deze voor de patiëntvriendelijke, comfortabele, eenvoudige en effectieve technieken en benadering nog niet gedoceerd worden in de opleidingen. Een aanrader dus voor alle (fysio)therapeuten!”
“Via diverse instructie-video's en webinars had ik jullie technieken als leren kennen. Maar door het volgen van deze workshop heb ik meer achtergrondinformatie kunnen opnemen. Nu kan ik jullie manier van werken nog beter in mijn praktijk toepassen. Hartelijk dank voor de geweldige studiedagen, ook al was het erg vermoeiend. Graag zou ik op de hoogte blijven van verdere ontwikkelingen. Graag tot ziens!”

“Gentle, short and effective technique! It is very focused on customer with their own unique complaints and the result is noticeable in the same session. It's the way I've always wanted to learn to handle. The course material was easy to follow and because you are such an engaging and funny teacher, the time has passed too quickly. Thanks for everything!”

“Great class! So valuable for my practice: next day right away able to check the spine for a client with mild whiplash two months old who did see the doctor. Found a lot and able to correct most of it! Also, ribcage and respiratory procedure for a long covid client I have been treating with intervals for quite some time. Nice to have some new stuff for her! Enjoyed the program and the nice way of teaching! Three days seem a lot but passed very quickly!”
“What an awesome weekend! So many new tools to help my clients even better as a therapist. I loved Alastair’s way of teaching. And his humor. On top of that, there is so much individual attention from both Alastair and Silke, as they go around the classroom while everyone is practicing the new skills, that you go home, confident to implement this work in your clinic.”
“The best 💗 The course was " the missing link" for me. I see thinks with a bigger picture and clients are happier. I use my new skills 24/7 in various degrees. Thank you with all my 💗🙏”
“The course was very rewarding and gave me many new "tools" to use in my practice. And the insight that, in many situations, the body responses best if we use a very light pressure...perhaps that was the real highlight for me this weekend! I have already used some of the procedures with fantastic results. Thank You so much, Alastair & Silke!”
“Well, what can I say? It is a fantastic course. Feeling and palpating muscles in the areas for which you had treatment procedure made it very methodical, clear and easy to understand. And thank you for correcting my scoliosis. I had it checked this week and the vertebra is staying in place :)”
If you have any questions, ask here or contact us per email at: info@artofbodywork.training
Indien u interesse heeft om deze workshop te volgen in 2023, graag stuur een email naar info@bowenvereniging.nl en/of op de email bovenvermeld. Alastair leert jou alleen de effectieve technieken tijdens zijn jarenlange ervaring ontwikkeld en verfijned. Iedereen die betrokken is bij welke vorm van lichaamswerk dan ook - zoals massagetherapeut, fysiotherapeut en meer - kan de technieken heel gemakkelijk integreren in het bestaande werk.